5th Grade iBlock Clubs: A Virtual Museum of Music History

This year our iBlock units for 5th grade have turned into exciting club options that are tailored to student interests. The second wave of clubs started this week, and one group is dedicated to “Music and Dance of the 50’s and 60’s”.

The inaugural meeting was dedicated to sharing our favorite artists (the ones that students currently recognize as from this era) and discovering new music and dances that students had not yet heard about.

To facilitate this process, we’ve started to build a Google Site that will act as a virtual museum of the artists that we discover and learn about. Students were busy listening to music and watching YouTube clips. They also sought out artists’ videos and photos on their own, and added them to the site. For homework, each student chose a favorite artist and will research them, later adding a brief biography to their “artist page”.

It’s turning into a great passion project for the group, and provides a great opportunity to reinforce important skills like researching, organizing, publishing, and citing sources.


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