Back into Robotics w/Grade 3

The 3rd graders started their joint Science/Tech unit in robotics this week, co-taught by Ms. Damiano and Mr. Ryder.

First, the students filled out a Google Survey that serves as an assessment regarding their pre-existing knowledge of robotics. Second, they turned to their Programmer’s Notebooks (also used in Tech for game design w/Scratch) and made drawings of their current idea of what a robot is. They also had space to write some initial questions that were on their minds. Then, they watched a presentation that talked about what robots are, how they are used in the real world compared to TV and movies, and about the Lego NXT robots that they will be building and programming themselves. During wrap-up they discussed what they learned from the presentation and named their misconceptions that they might have had previously.

Next week they will practice building various NXT models.


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