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My generative textiles are fabricated and in from WOVNS! I had three pieces made according to the algorithms that I have shared in previous posts.

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To clarify, the textile manufacturer does not accept code files from Processing, but rather I ran each program many, many times to create several variants of the graphic, and then I selected versions that I wanted to have made. I sent three .png files to WOVNS and they take care of the rest after confirming my desired colors.

I am initially underwhelmed by the way that the colors translate in reality compared to the screen. I really should not be surprised, but since this is my first experience, I did not realize that small change in color choices would not actual materialize in textile form. My favorite graphic had some color variation that is apparently too subtle to show up when woven.

The company does offer swatch blankets that express the actual color palettes fully so you know what you are really getting. Perhaps if I decide to continue such work I will need to pick those up.