Dome, Sweet Dome.

Dome, Sweet Dome.

We learned about famous inventor Buckminster Fuller and built our own geodesic dome from newspaper and duct tape. This was one day during our Integrated Projects Week (IPW) session “Epic Invento-Mania”.


Epic Invento-Mania! – Integrated Projects Week (IPW) 2014

Once a year we suspend regular classes at The School and break into mixed age groups for Integrated Projects Week, where we focus on student-generated themes and projects. It’s a magical week of hard work and deep learning.

This year Michele Damiano (Science) and I partnered up to deliver “Epic Invento-Mania” with a group of 2nd – 6th graders. We focused on innovation, hands-on learning, and STEAM subjects and encouraged our students to invent, make, and play. The photos below show some great student work such as cardboard arcade games, and all sorts of innovative computer game controllers invented by our group. I just love it when school is like camp!