Coding Electronic Music

We’re starting a new integrated unit on experimental music in the 4th grade. I’m excited to be collaborating with the Science, Music, and Art teachers to explore sound and music through all these disciplines. For my part, I’ll be teaching students to make electronic music by coding with sound in Scratch. We’ll also dive into programming with sensors to make unusual DIY electronic instruments.

My first activity is called “Boom, Snap, Clap”, a simple percussion program based on the kids song/dance that I frequently overhear them reciting.


Scratch Day NYC

Students from my “Creative Coding” after school class presented their workshop called Make a Flappy Bird Game at Scratch Day NYC 2014. I was so proud as they each took turns sharing how to build the code and graphics that this game requires. They stood tall and taught a full room of other students and a number of adults!

Give it a shot here:
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.37.49 PM

Scratch Day 2014

Our team poses for a workshop wrap-up photo!