MB Air Keyboard Divider

Touch typing can be challenging for very young students. My 3rd graders needed a gentle reminder not to cross their hands/fingers over to opposite sides of the keyboard while they were first learning to type. In an attempt to aid them, I made this:

This little wall bisects the keyboard of an Apple MB Air and provides a helpful visual and physical reminder of where learners should keep their hands. It’s not a perfect solution, but it helps. The right side of the object has “N” & “7” characters debossed effects to indicate where to set the divider on one’s Apple keyboard.

You can download the files here from Thingiverse and print out your own on a 3D printer. Enjoy!


Arduino Pinewood Derby Timer

The School’s MakerClub was asked to solve an interesting challenge recently. There is a Pinewood Derby race that is part of a school community event, and they asked if we could install a digital timer to the existing track. We found a great tutorial from the SLO MakerSpace on instrucables.com and went to work!

Cyber Security Lab

I’ve really enjoyed teaching with NOVA’s new Cybersecurity Lab module and immersive game with my 5th graders. The students play as a CTO of an embattled social media startup and must defend their company from cyber attacks. Through the gameplay they come to better understand threats such as phishing, social engineering, computer viruses, and insecure passwords.

After viewing some of the included videos, group discussions, and playing the game, I had students create a brief “My Cybersecurity Tips” slideshow presentation to assess their new understanding of a topic that that can’t be taught early enough for this young generation.